Event rentals & Décor stylist

Lawni Langstaff


New Elements:

Decor Product Images Now Expandable!


​Backdrops / Pipe & Drape Kits

​Australian Fern Pots

​Lantern  Floral Arrangements

​Inventory expanding continually.

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lets create your masterpiece!

It's All In The Details...


Working together, we can transform your vision into a work of art!

​Choosing your decorating elements is much like applying the brush strokes to your masterpiece. Each detail you choose lays the foundation for your final reveal.

Starting with the inspiration for the event, you will then have some important choices to make.  Settling on the perfect date, seeking the ideal location, determining the theme,  selecting the color palette, hand picking the ultimate creative elements, and adding appealing textures. You may want to incorporate your own personal & sentimental properties such as heirlooms too. When all these details come together, they create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Some may find it overwhelming to start with a blank canvas., while others may already have a vision of what they would like to create. Regardless of your artistic capabilities you may be needing the creative elements to take your vision to the next level. I am here to assist with this process.

With our ever-growing inventory of rentals, you are sure to find just what you need to design the event of your dreams!

We offer the following services:


  • Creative Rentals Elements
  • Décor Styling
  • Ceiling Draping Services
  • Pipe & Drape Kits (Backdrops)
  • One On One Inspiration Coaching
  • Delivery & Pick Up ​
  • Day Of Coordination
  • Silk Floral Arrangement Packages
  • Flame-less Candle Rentals
  • Custom Chalk Art
  • Glass Etching