Event rentals & Décor stylist

Lawni Langstaff

Fir Risers (2)  $3  ​

4" tall x 9" diameter fir risers, lightly sanded and Verethaned. Great risers for drink dispensers. 

Small Square Wooden Crate (8)  $6​ 

Oblong Hemlock Rounds (6)  $2 ​

1 - 2" thick x 8" diameter hemlock rounds, lightly sanded and Verathaned. Beautiful base for table centers.

Wooden Wine Crate (1)  $10 ​

Wooden wine crate holds 15 bottles of wine. Use to store wine bottles, flip flop for 'dancing shoes', create a ring toss, etc.

Gold Charger Plates with Antique Edging (300) $1.50 each

​13' decorative charger. These beautiful chargers lend a touch of elegance to any table. Use traditionally as an accent piece under your dinner plate, or try using as a base for table centers.

Antique Ornate Wooden Drawer Set with Mirrors - set of 2  $40 

Use as risers on desert tables, gift & card tables, decorate with flowers, photos, candles, birds nests, and heirlooms. ​​​

Fir Log Riser​ (17 )  $2 

1 1/2" thick x 10 - 12" diameter fir rounds, lightly sanded and Verethaned. Great to use as risers or chargers.

​Chargers, Risers & Crates

Small Rustic Collapsible Table (1)  $2​

Large Stained Wooden Crate (8)  $10