Event rentals & Décor stylist

Lawni Langstaff

Starlight Lighting Kit for Ceiling Drapery (12)  $15

​Starlight Lighting strands are 50' long, and it is recommended to use one strand per every two sheer draping panels.

Globe String Lighting (15)  $10

12 feet long, clear globe string lighting, 10 bulbs per strand. For indoor / dry outdoor use.

'B-A-R' Marquee Lighting (3 piece set)  $50

​Rustic metal lettering (letters B - A - R) with battery operated bulbs. Letters stand 12" tall. Require total of 6 AA batteries. Batteries not included.

Lighting Gadgetry & Chandeliers

​'Love' Marquee Lighting (1)  $15

Red exterior / silver interior, metal lettering (letters L-O-V-E), LED battery operated marquee lighting. 18" long x 1" wide x 4 1/2" tall. Requires 3 AA batteries. Batteries not included. 

Cafe Lighting / Edison Bulbs (12)  $30

48 feet, black, commercial grade string lighting (24 bulbs per strand). Heavy duty 14 - gauge wire. Ends can connect up to 5 strings at a time. Strands also feature built in loops to attach S-Hooks for easy hanging. Indoor / outdoor use.

LED Microdot Lighting / Fairy Lights (4 sets of 3)  $8

16.3 feet long, battery operated, warm white lights, 50 bulbs per strand, 3 strands per box. Perfect for decorating wreaths, tree branches, table centers and more. Requires ___ AA batteries. Batteries not included.

​Arrow Marquee Lighting (1)  $20

Point the direction to the dance floor, food tables, bar, and more with this rustic Marquee arrow.

Wooden exterior / rusty metal interior with 5 lights. Battery operated. Batteries not included.

10" Large Multi Diamond Cut Chandelier (1)  $75

​Very elegant chandelier for smaller venues. Chandelier is 10" in diameter and 33.5" long. Silver with large multi cut diamonds.

​Featured in images of the Vintage Wedding Dress & Veil Backdrop Collection.

Empire Chandelier with Votive Holders (1)  $65

​A beautiful option for a more rustic setting. Chandelier holds 6 tealights or votives, is shiny steel grey in color and is 16" in diameter x 24" long.

​Twinkle Lights (12)  $8

13 feet long, white, warm LED light strand (48 bulbs per strand). 8 function controller, battery operated with a 24 hour timer (6 hours on; 18 hours off). Requires 2 x AA batteries. Batteries not included.

Piggy Marquee Lighting (1)  $20

​This sweet little piggy is a creative way to jazz up your food tables. Using a chalk art pen, creatively express your inner artist with witty sayings like 'Pig Out', 'Get 'ur Grub Here!', 'Pig Roast', 'BBQ', 'Moo, Onik, Cluck', and so on.

Red  metal exterior / chalkboard interior with 10 lights. Battery operated. Batteries not included.

4 - Tiered Chandelier with Layered Diamond Cut Beads (1)  $150

​This lavish king-sized chandelier will command the room with its 4-tiered shimmering layers of multi diamond cut beads. Tiers are 24", 16", 10" & 7" in diameter. Total length 48" long with chain.​ This chandelier is the perfect size for larger venues.

BONUS: Add a 5 watt LED Color Changing Light with Remote to instantly change up to 16 different selectable colors. Remote Options: Color control, fade, strobe & dimming. Mixes smoothly though entire rainbow spectrum. $50 charge.