Event rentals & Décor stylist

Lawni Langstaff

Antique Ornate Wooden Drawer Set with Mirrors - set of 2  $40​​

Use as risers on dessert tables, gift & card tables, decorate with flowers, photos, candles, birds nests, and heirlooms. 

Teak Wine Barrels (10)  $55

Teak oiled wine barrels from Jackson Trigg's Winery add a touch of sophistication to any event. Hand sanded to keep their 'true story' and to reveal their beautiful colors & detailing. Five band styles to choose from, and two color variations - Red Wine Staining or White Wine Staining. Gorgeous when used as a focal point at the beginning of an isle way or at the altar. Add rustic flair to your event by incorporating into your decor - think, base for a bar with a raw edged wooden plank top, food & dessert table, floral stand for cascading floral arrangements. Needing more inspirational ideas? Feel free to contact us for more details.

​​White Lamppost (1)  $10

White wrought iron decorative lamppost. Use with a candle, floral arrangements and birds nests.

Seating, Tables & Assorted Furnishings

​Free Standing Shepherd Hook & Hanging Basket (8)  $20 -flowers not included.

The 50 inch tall, Free Standing Shepherd Hook with ornate cone shaped hanging basket, are invaluable to the DIY Event Planner. They are extremely durable, and will hold up to a 12 inch hanging basket with ease. Perfect for creating stunning isle ways, both indoor and outdoor. Switch out the basket to hang lanterns or bird cages. Create your own masterpiece to showcase, or choose ALL IN THEDetailsto assist you in a customized focal piece, such as the featured floral arrangement in the photo. For more information on custom floral designs, please call (250) 243-2302.

​'Wings of a Dove' Vintage Chair (1)  $30

This stunning show piece is a one of a kind creation. Added detailing, lends an elegant touch to a timeless piece. When coupled with our Vintage Desk, the pair create a picturesque photo-opp. Use at a signing table, or stage with lace curtains hung in a tree. I envision a beautiful bride, sitting with her back to us, looking into a vintage mirror, adding the finishing touches to her make-up before she walks down the isle to marry her one true love!

Antique Signing Table (1)  $50

This timeless piece is simplistic yet functional, and will look marvellous in photos. Pair with our 'Wings of a Dove' vintage chair for a complementary look. Adorn with runners, floral arrangements, vintage books, heirlooms, photos and more.   

Food & Beverage Cart (1)  $200

​This beautifully constructed Food & Beverage Cart is a fabulous addition to any event. It has a customizable chalkboard sign which is also removable, and a fold down side table. Narrow enough to fit through standard sized doorways allows for use in homes or venues. The storage compartment below can be accessed from both sides by double doors to store a multitude of accessories. Think Snack, Candy, Drink & Dessert Bars and everything in between.